Entry #1

Project in the Works

2009-08-15 02:31:16 by dyyor

Ok, this is my first news posting here on newgrounds {woot :o} so I hope this will all go well XD

thus far I have only posted 3 flash videos, my first was apparently good but ended way too soon and for that i am truly sorry; but there is good news :D. I do intend on continuing that flash a bit further in the song, I only stopped so short due to it being an assignment and that i ran out of time.

my second posting was a.... less than par jumble of crud that i just threw together, so not too fond of that :\

and the last 1 was an attempt at my own flash intro animation, which i felt was decent and I will admit it was a tad long, so yeah :\

but, this next project I'm working on I'm hoping will knock the viewers socks off, its going to be a flash music video to the song animal i have become by three days grace

i might post the beginning scene soon, still trying to work out how its going to go, i keep imagining bits and pieces XD

of course i will probably post other animations along the way so i have something to do on the side XD

anyway, there's no definite release date that i have in mind for this project, but im hoping to get it done within the year :D


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